Procreate ULTRA BLOCKER: 30+ Concept Brush Bundle incl. META CUBES & THE BIG CITY Brushes

These are some of my favorite concept design brushes for Procreate. You can download them for free or make a small donation to support my work :)

The 30+ brushes are great for abstract geometric pattern, concept art and last but not least building cities and futuristic/sci-fi structures with just a few quick brush strokes.


  • Play around with size and opacity to get a feeling for the respective brushes. 

  • Adjust spacing and jitter in the “stroke” tab of the brush menu. 

  • Adjust pattern size in the “grain” tab. 

  • Use the brushes as eraser to add some variation while keeping a consistent look and feel. 

  • If you find a brush setting you like, feel free to send me your .brush file. I’ll be glad to add it to the ULTRA BLOCKS set as a free update for other artists and followers. Of course you will be given proper attribution with backlink to your website/portfolio. 

If you like the brushes, feel free to check out my other brush sets:

Have fun,
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