IT 205 Week 3 CheckPoint - Toolwire Lab - Toolwire SmartScenarioC


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In this scenario, you are a business consultant. You must find ways to increase the White Peaks Resort’s net profit and make it more competitive through interconnecting systems and applying databases and tools.

Throughout the scenario, you interact with hotel staff to gain necessary information to analyze current business conditions. Take notes as you progress through the interactions. Using the information, analyze the business and formulate a way to restore the organization’s health through proper implementation of databases and tools.

• Log in to the student website.
• Click Week 3, then click the link to the Toolwire® lab. A new window opens.
• Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Lab Access.

Complete the Toolwire® lab.

Click Save Assessment on the final page of the lab. This saves a Microsoft® Word file on your computer.

Include a signed copy of the Certificate of Originality
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