Casa Bossa Nova

116 BPM
Piano, Flute, Bass, Percussion, Organ, Guitar, Mellotron

Okay, the tuning on the bass is a bit off here and there, but the heart is in the right place.Throw a filter on this and use it an your waiting area jam. Or on-hold music. Or pre-show music for your militia function. I'm sure the calming aspects would be very welcome in all the situations! Oh, you can also use this in your dance routines. Because bossa novas rock! ... or they Bossa... not sure.

It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes.

Casa Bossa Nova  - Bass.wav
Casa Bossa Nova  - More guitar.wav
Casa Bossa Nova  - More Melodies.wav
Casa Bossa Nova  - Organs.wav
Casa Bossa Nova  - Percussion.wav
Casa Bossa Nova _Piano.wav
Casa Bossa Nova.wav
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