Reading Assignment

Reading Assignment

Write a 300- to 500-word critical commentary that focuses on all required readings, and includes: - a restatement of the arguments of the various readings; - an identification of how the reading illuminates one or more of the main concepts introduced in the unit, - and a critique of the concepts or debates.

Reading Assignment 1.3

Sidney Tarrow, “Social Movements in Contentious Politics: A Review Article”

Reading Assignment 2.3

Leigh Brownhill, “Gendered Struggles for the Commons: Food Sovereignty, Tree-Planting and Climate Change,” in Land and Oil Wars

Reading Assignment 2.4

Pierre Walter, “Adult Learning in New Social Movements: Environmental Protest and the Struggle for The Clayoquot Sound Rainforest,”

Reading Assignment 3.3

Mary Ann Colihan, “Aboriginal Canadians: ChemicalValley: Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia sounds alarm over toxins,”

Reading Assignment 3.4

Erik Denison, “In Depth: FortChipewyan's health concerns”

Reading Assignment 3.5

Thomas L. Friedman, “The New Red White and Blue,”

Reading Assignment 5.3

Ana Isla, “The Kyoto Protocol: A War on Subsistence,”

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