Leah's Shampoo and Hot Oil Treatment - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Due to popular request, Leah is back! Dressed in office attire, white satin blouse, black tie, and black heels, Leah sits down for a shampoo and hot oil treatment. Hot oil is a great conditioner, especially for those who have permed or chemically treated hair. The hot oil helps to bring back the shine and strength of dull, dry hair. After her shampooing, Leah has a seat in the barber chair to have her long hair brushed out and dried with a 1940's hand-held hair dryer. Things turn chatty and little notice is given to the hair dryer eating her hair! I'm sure something like this has happened to every stylist and barber. Kat cuts the snagged hair with a scissors, and Clark Hartsell continues to dry her hair. Notice how shiny her hair is at the end? A hot oil treatment is the cure for dry hair anytime. Duration 40 minutes, screen size: 720 x 48, format .wmv
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