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Q1. Most data an organization uses as ____ to its IS are generated and collected within the organization.   a. data processing   b. input   c. output   d. storage
Q2. The main goals of SCM systems are to increase the quality of customer service, reduce the amount of labor involved in serving customers, and learn as much as possible about the preferences of individual customers.   a. true   b. false
Q3. A ____ is any manipulation of data, usually with the goal of producing information.   a. decision   b. process   c. problem   d. system
Q4. With the proper technology and management methods, it seems that some energetic people can gain ____ where others have been hurting.   a. enhanced service   b. impressive performance   c. massive automation   d. strategic advantage
Q5. The essence of strategy is ____, so competitive advantage is often gained when an organization tries a strategy that no one has tried before.   a. change   b. innovation   c. moving   d. work
Q6. The advantage of product differentiation is usually achieved through advertising.   a. true   b. false
Q7. To increase the sale of goods and services, companies must regard their own countries as their market.   a. true   b. false
Q8. ____ were among the early adopters of IT and have not changed much of their software.   a. Agricultural companies   b. Food companies   c. Insurance companies   d. Oil companies
Q9. Minimizing ____ is key to maintaining a competitive edge: it leaves competitors insufficient time to introduce their own products first. ISs can contribute significantly to this effort.   a. lead time   b. market time   c. production time   d. tracking time
Q10. One way organizations can help protect privacy of their clients is to retain data for as long as possible.   a. true   b. false
Q11. CAD and CAM systems are productivity tools used by _____.   a. Accountants   b. Engineers   c. Financial Professionals   d. HR Professionals
Q12. ERP packages are always quite simple.   a. true   b. false
Q13. Because ____ packages are not tailored to the needs of specific clients, they often require adjustment and fine-tuning for specific organizations.   a. ERP   b. GDP   c. GM   d. Standish
Q14. Magnetic tapes are a good choice for backups that need to be kept for five or more years.   a. true   b. false
Q15. When referring to memory, ROM means:   a. Read Ordered Memory   b. Read Only Memory   c. Read Open Memory   d. Run Only Memory
Q16. When referring to memory, RAM means:   a. Real Access Memory   b. Relational Access Memory   c. Random Access Memory   d. Read Allowed Memory
Q17. In a typical configuration the total RAM capacity is less than total ROM capacity.   a. true   b. false
Q18. A standard group of eight bytes makes up a bit.   a. true   b. false
Q19. _____ should be considered by managers to ensure that newer hardware is compatible with older hardware.   a. Backward compatibility   b. Forward compatibility   c. Integrative compatibility   d. Reverse compatibility
Q20. Critics say that even if the estimates of pirated software are correct, the conclusions are exaggerated, because not all who pirated software would necessarily acquire it if they had to pay for it.   a. true   b. false
Q21. Useful open source applications include the popular Web browser Mozilla Firefox, the e-mail application Thunderbird, the relational database management server MySQL, and the powerful programming language ____.   a. C++   b. PERL   c. XML   d. RPG
Q22. The factors to be considered when purchasing large software packages such as ERP software are significantly less complex.   a. true   b. false
Q23. In addition to performing input and output services and controlling the CPU, many OSs perform accounting and statistical jobs.   a. true   b. false
Q24. When productivity tools are integrated into a software suite, the documents created can be interdependent using technologies such as ____.   a. dynamic link library (DLL)   b. static link library (SLL)   c. object linking and embedding (OLE)   d. object-oriented programming (OOP)
Q25. With the advent of 3rd generation languages programmers no longer need to actually write code.   a. true   b. false
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