Trish Highlights Kat's Pink and Blue - VOD Digital Video on Demand

An already-caped Kat sits at the table while Trish explains that she will give Kat pink and blue highlights. Kat capes Trish, and they both put on latex gloves. With a bowl of water in front of her, Kat wets her own hair. Kat's hair is combed out and a purple highlighting rubber cap is placed over her head. Kat playful poses in it before Trish begins pulling out hair with a hook. Fearing that Kat's hair will be damaged by the pulling, the cap is removed and the colorful highlights done free-handed. A plastic see-through cap is placed over Kat's head so that her color can process for 20 minutes. During this time, Kat practices wrapping Trish's hair on giant green and red mag rollers. Soon it is time for Kat to shampoo her hair, which she does over the kitchen sink. Her hair is dried with a blow-drier and brushed with a boar brush to maximize fluffiness. Trish's rollers are removed and her hair is teased for volume. Lots of hairspray is used on both gals. Both had a very fun time, and you will too. Duration approx 95 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format .wmv
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