Pastoral Fields: Calm Orchestral Production Music (royalty free)

A beautiful and light medieval music track evoking the vast and open countryside through calm and majestic melodic movements played by a range of orchestral instruments in a chamber music setting accompanied by a rich and lush pad of voices and strings.

This music is ideal for games and video productions in a fantasy style. Although the track doesn't loop seamlessly without any silence, the track is set to loop without rhythmic interruption and so looping the track will sound smooth and correct.

Five versions included:
"Pastoral Fields" complete: 2:15
"Pastoral Fields" no choir: 2:15
"Pastoral Fields" no intro: 1:49
"Pastoral Fields" short edit: 1:23
"Pastoral Fields" very short edit: 0:32

This music includes a standard Royalty-Free License. For extended licenses (for broadcast or more than 10,000 physical copies) please contact the author.

16 bit 320 KPBS .MP3 and 44.1 .WAV files included

Included License:

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