Linde Pallet Stacker Type 372: L14, L16 SN before M02999 Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Pallet Stacker Type 372.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
L14 SN before M02999
L16 SN before M02999

Format: PDF, 64 Pages
Language: English


    Identification plates
    Technical specifications
    Technical description
    General arrangement drawings 
    Combined hour meter ...
    Discharge limiter indicator
Commissioning I Daily checks a commissioning checks
    Safety rules
    Definition of terms relating to safety
    Use of maintenance products
    Periodic checks
    Recommendationson commissioning
    Checks before first use .
    Daily checks prior to use
    Check FWD/REV and lift/lower controls
    Check brakes
    Check safety reverser
    Check horn device
    Check emergency stop button
    Check state of charge of battery
    Opening the battery cover
    Connecting the battery terminal
    Charging the battery with the built-in charger
    Charging the battery with an external charger
    Check condition of battery cables, terminals and connector
    Check electrolyte level and top with distilled water
    Check specific gravity of electrolyte
    Removing/replacingthe battery
    Changing the battery using a hoist
    Check steering
    Operating instructions
    Emergency stop button .
    Directionof motion
    Forward/Reverse motion
    Reversing the direction of motion
    Safety reverser
    Operating the truck on ramps 
    Starting on a slope
    Fork high safety
    Electromagnetic braking
    Braking by reversing direction of motion
    Parking brake
    LBC (Linde Brake Control) automatic braking
    Operating the mast
    Lifting and lowering the mast using the tiller control - PROGRESS distributor
    Fast lift
    Positioningand stopping the apron progressively
    Lifting and lowering the mast using the controls on the chassis - standard distributor
    Lifting and lowering the mast using the controls on the tiller- standard distributor
    Controllingauxiliary equipment
    Initial lift, lifting and lowering
    Fork high safety
    Picking up a load
    Transporting a load
    Putting down a load
    Before leaving the truck
    Slinging the truck .
    Jacking and towing the truck
    Removing the mast
    Transporting and storing the truck
    General remarks
    Working on the lifting mast
    Standard lifting mast
    Safety device for standard lifting mast
    Duplex lifting mast
    Safety device for Duplex lifting mast
    Triplex lifting mast
    Safety device for triplex lifting mast
    Inspection and servicing tasks after first
    50 hours service
    Scheduled maintenance
Ad hoc maintenance
    Clean and lubricate chains
    Check fixing and condition of wheels
    Adjust height of stabiliser wheel
    Opening the front cover and the flexible cover
    Check electrolyte level and top-up .
    Check specific gravity of electrolyte
    Check fuses
    Check condition of battery cables, terminals and connector
    Clean battery and battery compartment
Maintenance every 500 hours
    Lubricate drive unit steering bearing
    Clean steering pinions and ring gear
    Check hydraulic oil level
    Check hydraulic circuit for leaks
    ReplacePROGRESS distribution unit filter cartridge ..
    Check condition and fixing of electrical cables and connections
    Check condition and fixing of mast and chains
    Adjust length of mast chains
    Lubricate mast
    Clean electrical panel
    Clean and check contacts for wear
    Check traction motor brushes, replace if necessary
    Adjust electromagnetic brake
    Check steering motor brushes and replace if necessary
    Check and adjust initial lift guide shoes
    Check the articulations
    Check gearbox oil level
Maintenance every 1000 hours
    Check pump motor brushes and replace if necessary
    Clean hydraulic filter and strainer
    Check mechanical fixing of units
Maintenance every 2000 hours
    Replace hydraulic oil
    Replace gearbox oil
    Recommended lubricants/ technical specifications
    Hydraulic circuit diagram PROGRESS distributor + IL
    Hydraulic circuit diagram standard distributor + IL
    Electrical circuit diagram L14/16 PROGRESS distributorand standard
    Electrical circuit diagram L14I/16I PROGRESS distributor and standard + initial lift)
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