·         Part 1: Outline – Due in Week Two

·         Part 2: Final Deliverable – Due in Week Four


Select and complete one of the following assignments:


Option 1: Newspaper Article

Option 2: Speech

Option 3: Podcast


Regardless of the option selected, your final deliverable is based on your opinion about the topic and must provide evidence to support your opinion.

Option 1: Newspaper Article

Develop a 700- to 1050-word newspaper article based on the topic you selected in your Week Two individual assignment. Follow the outline created in Week Two and incorporate any changes suggested by the facilitator.


Address the following topics in your newspaper article:


·         Express your opinion on the topic.

·         Include at least one contemporary event as an example to illustrate the main points.

·         Include three references from peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, or other sources from the Online Library Major Article Database to support your opinion.

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