15 Instagram + 15 Cinematic LUTs

Make your footages look stylish with LUTs!
Here are 15 Cinematic and 15 Instagram filter LUTs to use for color grading your videos. These LUTs were designed to be used with footages shot with any camera. Just don't hesitate to tweak them a bit to get the desired result.

This package contains STANDARD and LOG versions of 30 .cube files + 1 Utility LUT to color correct GoPro Protune footage. You can use them in almost any workstation. In Adobe Premiere you can simply add it by Lumetri Color.

Package includes:
- 15 Instagram filters LUTs https://sellfy.com/p/2c6M
- 15 Cinematic LUTs https://sellfy.com/p/9xzc

Hope you'll guys like them!
Alex Chaplinsky
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