2016 New Year Celebration Room

I hope you enjoy these meshes they are awesome and QueenIrish out did herself as usual!!
Please take a few moments to read the rules listed below!

**YOU DID NOT PURCHASE RESALE RIGHTS FROM ME, i am not allowed to grant resale rights so these are simply for you to upload into your catty and set as DERIVERABLE! and to texture for your own use :)**

~Rules for using QueenIrish's textures/meshes~

1. DO NOT claim these textures/meshes as your own!
2. DO NOT sell, giveaway or redistribute these textures!
3. You are NOT allowed to crop, cut and recolor these textures for the purpose of selling them!
4. You ARE allowed to crop, cut and recolor for your PERSONAL use!
5. These textures can only be used by the Avatar name provided at time of sale.
6. If your name changes you MUST inform me so that I can update my records
7. You are NOT allowed to sell or giveaway this mesh!

Failure to follow the above rules will lead to your account being reported, and you being removed from the group!!

If you do a product page, please consider placing Irish's banner on it for products made
using any of these textures/meshes. (code provided below)

~Product Page Banner~

<a href='http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=17821909' target='_blank' <img src='http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q406/broadwaygirl84/Products Banners/CreationsByIrishBanner.jpg' border='0' /</a

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