197 : Miss Black Mamba wildly revs the smokey Renault 5

“Oh, so this is the new Pedal Vamp car? I need to try it!"

Miss Black Mamba says. She is wearing a pink dress and white high heels, and she can't wait to try the new car!

"It's better than the Panda, but I still need to find out if it starts!"

The car starts straight away, but the Miss wants to be sure that it will holds on! So she revs the engine while keeping the key turned in case the engine stalls!

While you have a close up view of her feet pushing the gas and your ears are hearing the amazing sound of the engine revving and the starter motor calling for help!

But as soon as she stops turning the key, the engine stalls immediately! How can it be possible?

After restarting it, the car makes a lot of smoke, which turns Black Mamba really worried about the car...

It is not a good thing all that smoke! Plus after every stall, she finds it harder to start up the car again and the smoke coming from the exhaust is thicker!

She needs to rev the car really hard to clean the engine and turn it back in a car with a decent smoke, right? And this is what she does!

She keeps the revs really high, never leaving the engine a moment of cool down, because she wants to know the limit of this car!
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