ISCOM 370 Week 2 Organizational Vision Assignment Executive Presentation

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ISCOM 370 Week 2 Organizational Vision Assignment Executive Presentation

SEE Week 1 Individual assignment SAMPLE PAPER
EXPECTATIONS for the whole class.

  Select a brand of product or a type of service
that has a website featuring its company's mission and vision.

 Use the following University Library databases to learn
more about your selected company. 

  • Dun &
    Bradstreet Key Business Ratios

  • Hoover's
    Academic: company directories and financials

  • IBISWorld

  • Morningstar

Your Learning Team has been asked to conduct research
concerning your selected organization's service (brand of product) supply chain
by the CEO of the company.

Include the following in your research:

  • Document the
    organization's vision, mission, and values.  

  • Define the
    organization's strategic positioning and its competitive advantage(s).

  • Diagram a
    high-level supply chain of the product or service for the organization.
    See the example on the student website.  

  • Describe how
    the high-level supply chain supports the organization's mission, values,
    and competitive advantage(s).  

  • Describe the
    relationship between supply chain management strategies and other
    functional strategies.  

  • Describe the
    effect of quality, both good and bad, on the supply chain, its competitive
    advantage, and organizational costs.  

Prepare an 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker's notes (remember this is worth 10 points so be
detailed on notes) 
be presented to the CEO at the next executive staff meeting.  The slide
count is in addition to a title slide and reference slide so you need 12-14 in

  • You need at
    least 2 references for full points, 1) the company website and 2)
    the text to draw from on theory.

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