premodern economic growth

Topic Premodern Economic Growth: Japan and the West
Paper details
Pick a good argument and defend it.

Grading areas:
Argument: Does your piece have a clear, focused and sustained argument? Does it make any sense? Is it logical? Is it anchored in the correct facts relevant to your argument? How sound and persuasive is your overall argument? How well-organized is your essay?

Evidence: How good is the evidence that you have cited in order to support your argument? Were there any inaccuracies? Did you pick the best evidence to represent your argument? What is the range of evidence used?

Language: How effective is the use of language in carrying your argument? How much have you understood the principles of academic writing? How carefully did you edit your work? Were there any grammatical errors?

Context: How much have you understood the historical context behind the writing of your piece? How much did you show why this piece is important in our understanding of the broader history of East Asia or the world?
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