HRM531 Career Development Plan Part II

InterClean Incorporated is a leader in the sanitation product industry and will take an even larger foothold in the market with the acquisition of its competitor, EnviroTech. The reason InterClean has been able to remain competitive and keep its clientele in the sanitation industry is because of their commitment to employee training and continued education. In a recent report I submitted, I explained the results of the job analysis for my sales team, my workforce planning system, the selection methods used for choosing my sales teams, and I ended with a list of seven employees I chose to represent my team. Now that employees for my sales team are hired I need to develop an orientation and training program for all new employees. This training program will include three different phases, the assessment phase, the training and development phase, and the evaluation phase (Cascio, 2006). I will begin by discussing the training needs of my sales team and how these needs align with InterCleans’ organizational goals.
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