HCS 405 Week 4 Patton-Fuller Ratio Computation

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HCS 405 Week 4 Patton-Fuller Ratio

Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization

Review the financial statements, located in the
Patton Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization.

  • Click on the Virtual
    link in the
    "Resources" tab.

  • Click on the Healthcare tab and access the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.

  • Click the Chief
    Financial Officer
     link under
    the Corporate Officers tab to access the financial statements.

Compute the eight ratios—as shown in Chapter 11—for
Patton-Fuller Hospital based on its unaudited financial statements and critique
its operating results and financial position. Ratio by ratio, do you agree or
disagree with the CEO’s report to the Board?

  • Read the
    Annual Report and the audited financial statements, and re-compute those
    same ratios using the audited financial statements.

  • Considerthe
    financial performance before the audit, and after the audit. What has
    changed and how significant is that change? What plans should the hospital
    Board make for next year and the next five years?

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