CMC 240 Week 1 Project Topic Identification

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CMC 240 Week 1 Project Topic

Choose a project topic from the following list. This topic will
be used for several individual assignments throughout the course.

  • Bullying in
    school (physical, cyber, laws, role of schools of parents)

  • The
    evolution of the American family

  • Stalking
    (laws, physical, vs. cyber)

  • The impact
    of media on a specific audience (children, women, teenagers, or other)

  • Celebrity
    culture or cult of celebrity

  • American

  • A First
    Amendment topic

  • Federal
    powers vs. state powers

  • Government
    financial reform

  • A recent
    Supreme Court decision

  • A topic of
    your choice in consultation with your instructor

Submit your chosen topic for
approval to your instructor.
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