PAD 510 Week 8 Discussion 1 & 2 (Autosaved) (Autosaved)

Conservatives are most likely to believe that government is too big, that it tends to be as much or more an instrument of mischief as of progress. Liberals believe that government can and should work to equalize differences between the wealthy powerful and the poor and less powerful (Birkland, 2011).
One recommendation is to shrink government. With shrinking government the everyone would be equal no matter how wealthy or poor one may be

·         Analyze the benefits and shortcomings of labeling an idea, organization, or person as a liberal or conservative and apply these benefits or shortcomings to what you see happening today with an example.


When one label an idea, organization or person it comes with a negative connotations. An example is the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Tampa Florida.  Many are stating that Tropical Storm Isaac is a Democrat to destroy the Republican Party.
Tropical Storm Isaac is raising questions among the media horde and planners here about how the Republican National Convention will proceed this week, especially if the storm develops into a hurricane and wreaks havoc on the Gulf Coast. Already, the Republican National Committee cancelled Monday's events, and shifted speakers who were scheduled then for the three remaining days of the convention, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Johnson, 2012)
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