EDUC 546 Appendix 2

EDUC 546 Appendix 2

EDUC 546 Appendix 2 

Field Research 

Interview Questions: 


1.  What role do you play as a principal in recruiting highly qualified teachers and staff?

2.  What would the value be in your school by increasing the number of minority teachers?


3.  What areas are the most difficult in the selection process of highly qualified teachers?

  • 4.  What could the district do to assist principals in the selection process of highly qualified teachers?



5.  What are the three challenges principals face in the orientation process of new teachers?

6.  What areas need more attention in order to enhance the induction process so it is more beneficial for the new teacher?


Progressive Discipline

7.  What challenges do principals face in remediating marginal or unsatisfactory teachers?

8.  Do you have an example of a success story where you were able to partner with a teacher to yield improvement in a significant performance issue?


PositiveSchool Culture and Communication

9. Are there individuals or groups that resist inclusive, collaborative environments?

10. How do you work to build positive relationships with the union and staff at large? 


Submit a script of questions and answers given.

Critique the administrators approach for each of the five topics.  Your critique should be based on the information learned in class about best practices in each area.  Highlight the strengths and needs in each area for your school.  Comment on district and building level barriers that the principal faces in these areas (threats to progress).


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