Elizabeth's Short Haircut with Fringe - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Elizabeth gives an interview about her upcoming haircut. She is a red-head who is very fashionably dressed in leggings, skirt, ankle boots, and a asymmetrical blouse. Her just-past-the-shoulders hair length doesn't last for too long once she has taken a seat in the 1920's Padamair barber chair. After the stylist teases her with a giant scissors, he reclines the chair into the shampoo bowl. Her hair is washed and briefly toweled dried. The stylist combs out her hair, selections it, and snips it off with a scissors. Soon the back of Elizabeth's head is finished with the shorter style. The stylist then moves to her fringe, cutting around her forehead instead of straight across. Once finished, the rest of the hair is shortened skillfully. The stylist flicks on a small clippers and buzzes the hair off Elizabeth's nape. She is nervous with the clippers there. The stylist finishes the haircut with a scissor trim around Elizabeth's ears and dusts her off. An after-the-haircut interview shows what Elizabeth looks like in makeup, and she talks about her haircut experience. Duration approx 62 minutes, screen size 720 x 480, format .wmv
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