Java application

Java application

Java program 1


Write a Java application that generates a 3-digit random number 100 times. Display the output for each of the generated numbers and the sum of all 100 numbers. Demonstrate your code compiles and runs without issue (You can use screen captures to demonstrate this functionality in a word document). Name your Java file Name your Word document Yournamehw2.doc (or Yournamehw2.docx)

Be sure to include comprehensive test cases to  demonstrate your program  is implemented correctly. Your test cases should include the input, expected output, actual output and if the test case passed or failed. You can document your test cases in a word table and include it in your word document submission.

Java Program 2 loops

Provide your own short Java code example that uses a For or While loop. Be sure to test and describe what your code is doing. Use Java comments to document your code.

2.   Discuss about differences between while loop, do-while loop and for loop

How transform while loop be transformed into a for loop, and vice versa?

To understand better the loop statements design and implement an application that reads two integers values (initialNumber and finalNumber) and prints the sum of all even integers between initialNumber and finalNumber, inclusive.

Write three version of program.

1.                          For the first version use while loop

2.                          For the second version use do-while loop

3.                          For the third version use for loop
Enter initialNumber=1
Enter finalNumber=19

Sum of the even integers between 1 to 19 =2+4+6+8+10+12+14+16+18=90

3 Discuss how we can implement an indefinite loop.

Design and implement an application that reads a series of positive integer values from the user, sum them up, and computes their average.

In this program we use a negative value to be a sentinel value that indicates the end of the input.


Enter an integer (0 to quit): 1

The sum so far is 1

Enter an integer (0 to quit): 2

The sum so far is 3

Enter an integer (0 to quit): 3

The sum so far is 6

Enter an integer (0 to quit): 4

The sum so far is 10

Enter an integer (0 to quit): 5

The sum so far is 15

Enter an integer (0 to quit): 6

The sum so far is 21

Enter an integer (0 to quit): 0

 The average is 3.5

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