WooCommerce Store Credit 2.1.11 Extension

WooCommerce Store Credit 2.1.11 Extension

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WooCommerce Store Credit Extension Version : 2.1.11

WooCommerce Store Credit Extension: Easiest way to create store credit coupons or vouchers!

WooCommerce Store Credit Extension Why You Need It:

Want to reward your customer with store credits? Want to offer something special to repair your company’s relationship with an unsatisfied customer? The WooCommerce Store Credit Extension is an easy way to please.

Using the WooCommerce Store Credit Extension, your customers can make purchases on your WooCommerce site until the total value of the voucher is has been used or the voucher is expired.

What if your customer’s cart purchases are more than the store credit they have remaining? No problem! WooCommerce Store Credit Extension gives your customers the option to pay the difference when they check out.

Further, WooCommerce Store Credit Extension lets you easily create and send a store credit to a customer using the user-friendly ‘Send Store Credit’ form. The store credit will be redeemable only by the owner of the email address you enter. A great addition to your WooCommerce toolset. Simple tool, easy interface and a sure way to make customers feel special!

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