Saturday AM #57

Yes, the U.S. ELECTION may be over but things are more hectic than ever and THANK GOODNESS we have Saturday AM back to help alleviate some of THAT stress!

And what better way to do so than to have another HUGE ISSUE of the all-new, all BIGGER SHONEN, MANGA ANTHOLOGY from the HOTTEST AMATEUR ARTISTS around the world!

Behind a colorful new cover by Raymond Brown featuring his series, BULLY EATER, we have ALL-NEW INSTALLMENTS of:




as well as



and the debut of SPOON by David Yoon!

That's not all, of course.

Try INTERVIEWS with Zimbabwe artist, EUGENE MAPUNDERA and up and coming artist of the new FOOTBALL COMIC (via KICKSTARTER) JAY REED in our INSTAGRAM DISCOVERY feature.

Still feel stress?

Okay well YES -- WE DO TOO but all we can do is STICK TOGETHER and no one does that better than SATURDAY AM -- 57 issues and STILL FIGHTIN'!

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