Kat Kempes Crop Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Brunette Kat Kempe has her hair down to her shoulders, but is seeking a change to something a bit more shorter. Wearing a black cocktail dress and heels, Kat Kempe starts off the video with a pre-haircut interview about her hair and her upcoming haircut. Afterwards, she takes a seat in the vintage barber chair, where she is caped, has a neck strip wrapped around her neck, and her hair sectioned. After her hair is combed, the stylist, James William, wets down her hair with a spray bottle and combs it through. Soon, Kat Kempe's hair covering her face is cut with a scissors to create beautiful fringe and beginning of a crop haircut around the hair. Her face is dusted off with a pink duster, then the pink Oster clippers are flicked to life with a guard attached and buzzed through Kat Kempe's hair. Once the majority of her hair has hit the floor, a battery-operated clippers buzzes down her nape and around her ears. After the clippers are turned off, the cover to the shampoo sink is lifted and Kat Kempe reclined back for a shampoo. James briefly towel dries her hair and brushes it with a rubber paddle brush. A comb and a scissors make one final pass through Kat Kempe's hair, and then she is dusted off one last time before the cape is removed. Kat Kempe's big smiles show how happy she is with her new short haircut. Duration 47 minutes, screen size 720 x 480, format .wmv
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