Flux for Xils PolyKB iii

Welcome to 'Flux' for Xils PolyKB iii

Flux - [fluhks]
1.a flowing or flow.
2.the flowing in of the tide.
3.continuous change, passage, or movement

Flux is a set of 35 sounds exploring the capabilities of PolyKB iii to produce warm, dirty, rich and dusty, evolving textures full of life and movement.

Audio demos: https://soundcloud.com/emptyvessel_nz/sets/flux-for-polykb-iii

The pack consists mainly of pad sounds, some keys and arps in a similar style to my previous PolyM and Oxium packs. The sounds are mainly warm, ambient, wonky, with a Boards of Canada, Plaid and Ulrich Schnauss feel. A few more random additions sneaked in just because I came across a few cool sounds during the sound design process and wanted to include them.

Please note - this pack makes much use of the extra features in version 3 of PolyKB and will not work in any of the older versions. A pack of similar sounds with the same concept is now available for PolyKB ii, check the main store.

I hope you enjoy!
All the best,
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