MyChatBbuddy 2.0.0

MyChatBbuddy 2.0.0

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This plugin will allow you to talk to your chat buddy when you don't have anyone else to talk...

It does support various Plot plugins (such as Plotsquared, Plotz, PlotMe) so that each plot owner can have his/her own chat buddy on their plot.

How to use it:
If a player has a "mychatbuddy.use" permission node, when s/he types one of trigger words (such as "siri" and/or "buddy"... you can change those trigger words in the ocnfig.yml), it will activate your chat buddy.
Once you finish talking to your chat buddy, you can simply say "bye" to send your chat buddy off.

Permission Node:

  • mychatbuddy.use : allows a player to talk to a chat buddy.


  • /mcb help: displays a help menu

Just copy MyChatBuddy.jar in the plugins folder.


 This is a template config file
# define your parameter and its value like:
ErrorMessage : "&c[MCB] : Some error occurred."

# Default Name displayed as a ChatBuddy.
ChatBuddyName: "[&b%player%'s Buddy&r]"

# Format in which ChatBuddy chat
ChatFormat: "%name%&f: %message%"

# ChatBuddy will be assigned to a player for a certain amount of time if a trig\
ger word is said
TriggerWords: true

# How many seconds ChatBuddy will be assigned to a player after they've said a \
trigger word
SessionTimeout: 60

# List of words that enable ChatterBot when said in chat

# Change the type of bot ChatterBot uses
# Options:

# Plot plugin support
PlotSupport: false
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