Monica Richards - ANAFAE 3 - Dreams of Dragons

Anafae 3 - Dreams of DragonsWritten and Illustrated by Monica RichardsIllustrated and colorized by James Neely Cover artwork by James NeelyStandard Comic Full ColorPage Count: 52
ANAFAE 3 - Dreams of Dragons is the third release in the Anafae Series. From remnants of the ancient dragon fire festival in the Iradi desert, to Prodromik’s adoration of its traditional Khirin - dragon, this book delves deeply into the minds of Allaine and general Lagan. But who will awaken the Dragon? 
“Expanded from an original short story, “Anafae” is the new series created and illustrated by Monica Richards. The title, “Anafae”, was created for The Maternatural, known collectively as Mother Nature: the regenerative force of Spring and Mother Earth herself, who manifests in the form of a Otherworldly woman, and travels the earth to see what has become of her realm. Anafae – Mother Nature Incarnate. Originally worshipped by early peoples the world over as the Triple-Face Life and Death All-Seasonal Mother Earth, she has countless sacred names and forms. Forgotten by humankind as they continue to close themselves off from Nature, she holds the power of the earth’s regeneration. In her travels, she carries a walking stick which can bring forth any power or gift she wishes to bestow. To look deeply into her right eye is to see the very source of Life, Death, All Knowledge, the Future, the Past, the Cosmos itself…”

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