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For Aquarius Season:
2020 Aquarius Astro Nidra - Cellular Breathing
2019 Aquarius Astro Nidra - 40,000 foot view
2018 Aquarius Astro Nidra - Future Self Prayers

2020 Aquarius Season innovates the run of intensity that is 2020. Still in Eclipse Season, all planets direct, only beginning to integrate the much talked about Pluto Saturn Conjunction... it's highly likely that you're still motivated to make some changes. Now we innovate. 

Aquarius rules the circulatory system. It is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Once the structure and form is built in Capricorn Season, we organize the systems that run through the structures to bring life and Humanity to it. To feel and know this in the body, teaches so much about life.

Air is the dominate element of Aquarius, thus we use the breath as a teacher through cellular breathing.

This incredibly intricate system throughout your body, heart to lungs, blood to your entire body, each cell breathing, messages being passed through cell walls. The heart receiving a picture of your total health and the needs of every cell with every beat.

These embodied cells are enhanced communicators able to find rhythm and flow with their neighbouring cells, enhancing their inner balance, turning up the volume on your inner wisdom, illuminating your uniqueness as well as your connection to the Whole.

One more thing: Everything is changing so dramatically right now that if you aren't listening, you're missing out. If you try to keep moving forward by the old rules, it could create frustration and misalignments that cause confusion. It's time to keep up. With Jupiter in Capricorn, this year's theme is embodiment. Illuminating how the astrology is speaking to you through your body. As we go through each season, you'll awaken consciousness in different body parts. By the end of the Jupiter in Capricorn cycle, you'll have lit up your body as illuminated in astrology.

The Wong Janices beautiful Cello and her latest song "Trust" will be uploaded here very soon as well. I know you're going to love this one.

I will be cleaning these out as I upload more, so please download the practices to your device as they come. I recommend creating a folder in your Drop Box, Google Docs or Documents app and storing them there for future use. Astrology is cyclical, so we'll definitely be coming back to some of these.

2020 Astro Nidra Art by Lori Menna / @cosmiccollage

2019 Astro Nidra Art by Jess Wells by DJ Pierce

2018 Astro Nidra Art by Jess Wells, photography by Alison Love