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Aries Astro Nidras

The new practice is called: The Face Off -- this practice is perfect for right now as we draw inward through social distancing and self isolation.

Aries rules the face and connects you to who you are as an individual. Aries is the baby of the zodiac as well, so there are often big feelings during Aries Season. 

This practice has a very detailed face scan, connected to your central channel, the home of your essential self and then leads you into compassiontely coming face to face with yourself in order to set you up to overcome yoru circumstances and step forward with confidence.

I've loaded the other two practices in here as well:

2019 - Remove the Old Program
2018 - Return to your Home Frequency (one of my all time favs!)

Check back in less then two weeks for the Full Moon in Libra practice.

One more thing: Everything is changing so dramatically right now that if you aren't listening, you're missing out. If you try to keep moving forward by the old rules, it could create frustration and misalignments that cause confusion. It's time to keep up. 

I will be cleaning these out as I upload more, so please download the practices to your device as they come. I recommend creating a folder in your Drop Box, Google Docs or Documents app and storing them there for future use. Astrology is cyclical, so we'll definitely be coming back to some of these.

2020 Astro Nidra Art by Lori Menna / @cosmiccollage

2018-19 Astro Nidra Art by Jess Wells by DJ Pierce