Managerial Accounting: P11-5 Hayes Chemical Company produces a chemical used

Managerial Accounting 
P11-5 Comprehensive Variance Problem 
Hayes Chemical Company produces a chemical used in dry cleaning. Its accounting system uses standard costs. The standards per .5-gallon can of chemical call for 1.2 gallons of material and 1.5 hours of labor. (1.2 gallons of material are needed to produce a 0.5 gallon can of product due to evaporation.) The standard cost per gallon of material is $6.00. The standard cost per hour for labor is $9.00. Overhead is applied at the rate of $7.75 per can. Expected production is 20,000 cans with fixed overhead per year of $55,000 and variable overhead of $5.00 per unit (a 0.5-gallon can). 
During 2015, 23,000 cans were produced, 35,000 gallons of material were purchased at a cost of $250,000; 30,000 gallons of material were used in production. The cost of direct labor incurred in 2015 was $290,000 based on an average actual wage rate of $8.25 per hour. Actual overhead for 2015 was $220,000. 

a. Determine the standard cost per unit. 
b. Calculate material, labor, and overhead variances.
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