Final Program Solution

 Create a folder named final in your development environment.

In the folder create a web page using PHP, HTML5 and CSS with the following:

       A database with following tables: table employee with these fields employeeID, FirstName, LastName and table dependent with these fields dependentID, FirstName, LastName, Picture.

       When an employee is removed, every information and related dependent(s) are also removed.

       Be able to add single employee.

       Be able to add, remove, modify multiple dependents and dependent pictures.

       Dependent pictures are stored in directory dependentpictures.

       Display table of employee with their corresponding information.

       Display table of dependents with their corresponding information and associated pictures.

       Display relevant error if ever encounter.

The layout, color choices, use of HTML/CSS and aesthetics of the web page created will be used in calculating your grade.
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