GCSE Film Studies Revision guide for WJEC Paper 1 Exploring Film Superhero films

Please note: this HUGE revision guide is now available on a Pay What You Want promotion until the end of the school year. Previously available for £5, it's now available for a minimum of £2 which is to cover the cost of the fonts and some of the images I needed to buy when creating the guide. Of course, if you wish to pay more, please feel free! Many thanks for looking and please find details of the guide below:

A very long, very detailed and (if I do say so myself) rather excellent revision guide to WJEC GCSE Film Studies Paper 1. At a whopping 131 pages, it covers key aspects of paper 1 and superhero films in general, but also focuses on film language, advertising, merchandising, promotion AND includes not only past papers but TWO EXTRA exam papers that I've made for revision and mock exams. I've been teaching GCSE Film Studies for over 5 years now and am also an Examiner and Coursework moderator for WJEC. I've put hundreds of hours into this revision guide and it's gone through many different versions to make it as good as it can be. I've had over 30,000 views of my PowerPoints on SlideShare and have had nothing but praise and positive feedback about this revision guide from my students, their parents and other teachers. Basically, I think it's pretty good and that you can trust that the content is going to help you. There's a load of information, activities and opportunities to learn and revise key aspects of GCSE Film Studies. This guide is great for students to buy and work/revise with or for teachers to buy, download and make copies of the activities for students. A preview of this can be found on my Scribd store here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/266119725/GCSE-Film-Studies-Revision-Guide-for-Paper-1-Exploring-Film-Superhero-films Finally, get in touch with me @Moreno_Melgar if you have any questions or issues with this or want help in general about GCSE Film Studies. I've got thousands of activities, worksheets and documents available and will happily collaborate on designing curriculums, activities and assessment for Film Studies.
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