VIDEO - Office Rapunzel


Everybody knows who Xenia is.
Being one of the first RealRapunzels, she has a lot of experience within long hair modeling and with being our model.
She is a fantastic person and she is absloutely in love with long hair, and its natural beauty!
Her ultra healthy, super silky thigh length hair is very special and rare, and it is heaven to watch!

Her silk is gliding over the chair, between her fingers, in her hands and on her lap in this video, and it is almost like liquid silk floating around like the most beautiful ocean of hair.

As Xenia is extremely beautiful and experienced with long hair play, it is needless to say that this video is a very good premium video with perfected long hair play of the best sort from one of the best long hair models in the community and also the world!

She is sitting at a office, in an office chair, which is perfect for long hair play!
Her hair has the best shade of brown and it fits her so well!
She does a lot of hair display and play in this video, and you´ll see a lot of different hairstyles as well.

She makes a ponytail, pigtails, two buns and does two bundrops, a beautiful, thick and long braid and undoing of the braid, a lot of swinging, swaying and shaking of her hair while loose and when in different hairstyles, hair play and display (from the side, from the front, from the back), long hair play in lap, hairbrushing, running her fingers through her hair and much more!

This video is over 17 minutes in length!

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