Kenmore Pro 79993 Refrigerator Original Service Manual and Troubleshooting Guide

Kenmore 795.79993.510 original service, repair and technicians guide.

The exact contents of this service manual:
Safety Precautions
1 Specifications
2 Parts Identification
3 Disassembly
Removing And Replacing Refrigerator Doors
Door Alignment
Fan And Fan Motor (Evaporator)
Defrost Control Assembly
Multi Duct
Main Pcb
Dispenser Cover Disassembly
Display PCB Replacement
Funnel Replacement
Sub Pcb For Dispenser
Cap Duct Replacement
Cap Duct Motor Replacement
Ice Corner Door Replacement
Icemaker Replacement
How To Remove Ice Bin
How To Place Ice Bin In Position
Pull Out Drawer
How to Remove and Reinstall the Pullout Drawer
Water Valve Disassembly Method
Fan and Fan Motor Disassembly Method
Caution : Sealed System Repair
3 Way Valve Service Service
4 Adjustment
5 Circuit Diagram
6 Troubleshootintg
7 Pcb Picture
8 Troubleshooting With Error Display
9 Troubleshooting Without Error Display
10 Reference
11 Component Testing Information
12 Troubleshooting
13 Icemaker Operating Method And Troubleshooting
14 Desciption Of Function & Circuit Of Micom

This manual is made in the highest resolution possible and used by all cerrtified and authorized Kenmore technicians and maintenance employees.

Language: English

Format: PDF

Pages: 119
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