Hot Tubs Project week4 Solution

User's Manual (Due Week 7 along with the Course Project program)
Your actual Course Project and User's Manual are due at the end of Week 7, however, it is strongly recommended that you start your project in Week 5 to avoid many last minute issues.
In Week 7 you will be required to submit a User Manual as well as your Java code. The User Manual can be a simple Word document, with screenshots, that explains how to run your application. Your mark will depend both on the program quality, and the quality of the User's Manual.
Here are some more detailed guidelines about the User's Manual
• It does not need to be long, probably not more than 10 pages, including screenshots.
• Write at the expected user's level, not too technical.
• Detail all the functionality that the application provides. Best, structure your presentation top-down way.
• For each function, show what is its purpose and sample execution, with a screenshot.
Minimum Requirements for the Java Program(s) (Due Week 7)
This example would be the bare minimum to obtain a passing grade (no more than a 70%).

After each calculation, the collected information and the calculated volume will be saved into a file. You will then add a function to retrieve the input and calculation history from the file and display it on the screen.
Sample Extended Requirements
The following screenshots provide a sample of what is possible and could lead to a project worth the maximum grade of 100%. Something to think about! Do not think this is what you have to do to get the maximum number of points. It is just a sample! You are only bound by your programming ability. Please do not try and do more than you are capable of. Think, plan, design and code YOUR project. This is your opportunity to show off your skills!
Course Project Interface
The following document gives some specifics about what is expected in your Course Project.

Grading Rubrics
The following grading rubrics are provided for each major phase of the Course Project.
1. User's Manual Points Description
Sufficient length to describe the application 4 Manual contains explanation in detail of all relevant areas of the application
Contains screen shots of the key interface components 4 Images of each section of the application
Operations are explained 4 Detailed operation of each section of the application
Written to the user's level and is not technical 4 Must not contain code or any other technical items irrelevant to the users
Analysis and design contain sufficient detail to begin construction 4 Application analysis and design contains enough details about the application
Subtotal 20

2. Minimum Requirements Points Description
Standard header included 2 Must contain program's name, student name, and description of the program
Program compiles 2 Program does not have any error
Program executes 2 Program runs without any error
Created main form 3 Main method exists
Created length label 3 Length label
Created length textbox 3 Length input text box
Created width label 3 Width label
Created width textbox 3 Width input text box
Created depth label 3 Depth label
Created depth textbox 3 Depth input text box
Created volume label 3 Volume label
Created volume textbox 3 Volume input text box. Make sure this field is read only.
Created Calculate button 3 Calculate Volume button
Created Calculate button event handler 3 Code to handle the Calculate Volume button. Must handle non-numeric input and null input.
Created Exit button 3 Exit button
Created Exit button event handler 3 Code to handle the Exit button. Must exit the application and terminate the program.
Correct output is displayed 10 When values are entered, the correct results are shown. If no values or non-numeric values are entered, the proper error message should display.
Subtotal 55

3. Extended Requirements Points Description
Included at least two additional tabs 5 There must be two or more additional tabs as shown under the Course Project Interface document.
Each operation is implemented in its own class 10 Each button and/or text field event handler code must be implemented in its own class.
Extended operations and classes work as expected 10 The implemented extra tabs must work as expected.
Subtotal 25

Course Project Total Points Description
Complete Project 100 User's Manual, Pools tab, and Extended Requirements

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