Ordush TBC PVE + Raid - Resto - Druid WRobot Fightclass

Ordush TBC PVE + Raid - Resto - Druid WRobot Fightclass

This is my paid version of the TBC Druid Restoration Wrobot Rotation
It is highly advanced, and has an in-game interface, where you can control almost every aspect of the rotation.

It's party and raid friendly. (tested in kara)

You can set up in-game via the interface if it should heal yourself, the group or even focus. This is smart for situations like if you end up having to only heal tank (focus) or you can even set it up to innervate focus (Another healer?)

The Paid version comes with some unique features like the in-game interface, /commands and more.

Optimized rotation for best healing
Using these abilities can be turned off in the interface
Druid Combat Abilities
- Regrowth <- Smart healing
- Rejuvenation <- Smart healing
- Lifebloom <- Smart healing
- Swiftmend <- Smart healing
- Instant Healing Touch <- Will use Nature's Swiftness and will re-apply treeform after cast
Druid Misc Abilities
- Tree of Life
- Innervate <- Smart inervation
- Abolish Poison
- Remove Curse <- Will re-apply treeform after cast
- Auto Buffing (1.0.1) <- Smart auto buffing Will check party and do MotW or GotW based on what is smartest. It iwll only do GotW if you have 5 more mats for it in bag. (It will not auto buff group in raids, i can make it do that too if requested).

Druid Healing Spell Settings
- Heal Yourself <- Decide if it heals self (smart if you are assigned only to tank)
- Heal Group <- Decide if it heals group (smart if you are assigned only to tank)
- Heal Focus <- Decide if it heals focus (smart if you are assigned only to tank)
Druid Misc Spell Settings
- Innervate Yourself <- Decide if it innervates self
- Innervate Group <- Decide if it innervates group
- Innervate Focus <- Decide if it innervates focus
Druid Dispel Settings
- Abolish Poison Yourself <- Decide if it Abolish Poison on self
- Abolish Poison Group <- Decide if it Abolish Poison on group
- Abolish Poison Focus <- Decide if it Abolish Poison on focus
- Remove Curse Yourself <- Decide if it Remove Curse on self
- Remove Curse Group <- Decide if it Remove Curse on group
- Remove Curse Focus <- Decide if it Remove Curse on focus
- Buff Yourself <- Decide if it buffs yourself
- Buff Group <- Decide if it buffs party
- Buff Fcous <- Decide if it buffs focus
Focus Only Settings
- Thorns <- Focus (tank) will keep Thorns on
- Lifebloom Mode <- Focus (tank) lifebloom mode, can be changed from MIssing HP to Always. If it's on Always, then the healer will try to keep lifebloom on 3 stacks all the time on focus.

/statusframe <- shows/Hides the in-game interface
/rotatoggle <- Toggles rota pause on/off.

These commands can be bound in-game by making a macro and adding to an action bar.

Coming Soon
- Optional wow addon, which will save your settings, so if you changed your pet food or tuned off some spells. You will not have to set it every time you log on.
- Drinking built into the rotation
- Rebirth

Added Smart Auto Buffing (It now auto buffs if you enable it)
Removed "Coming Soon" from Auto Buffing.
- Bug fixes (Rejuvenation spam)
- No longer tries to cast when in Bear Form, Cat Form or Travel Form
- Casts Barkskin if hp is lower then 20% (This is not yet optional)
- Fixed bug that would cast Lifebloom on target instead of focus.
- No longer tries to cast spells with casttime while moving.
- No longer casts tree form when you are casting something else (mount).
1.2.1 (Big update)
- Barkskin is now optional
- Thorns on focus added
- Lifebloom mode for focus added (can now keep lifebloom on tank at all times)
- Code cleaned up for more smooth experiance.
- Changed so foucs (Tank) is prioritized first now.
- Fixed buffing so it doesn't buff focus/group when auto buffing is off
- Fixed Abolish Poison so it works properly now.
- Fixed Lifebloom, you ca now move and cast at the same time
- Increased the general speed of the fightclass.
- Hotfix for Lifebloom, people have had issues. So rewrote the code.

In-game interface

Always feel free to send me suggestions or bug reports via PM on WRobot Forum
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