COMM 470 Week 1 DQ 2

With the lowered cost of business information over the internet I believe higher savings to consumers can be offered. I have a prime example of this. I needed to change the brakes on my wife’s car. By using the internet and various promotions, all online, I was able to purchase these brakes at a fraction of the cost compared to automotive outlets. Much of the legwork of advertising, sales, and marketing can all be combined on one easy to navigate website. Also, Rapid progress in EC will force a Darwinian struggle: To survive, companies will have to learn and adapt quickly to the new technologies. This struggle will offer them an opportunity to experiment with new products, services, and business models, which may lead to strategic and structural changes. These changes may transform the way in which business is done and possibly as EC progresses, it will have a large and durable impact on the strategies of many organizations (E-Commerce 2008, p.75).
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