MGT 300 Week 5 Final Examination Question

invention.This is a plug-in electric unit that you can slip under any object or person which will levitate the object or person from 1 to 6 inches above of the floor or surface it is on. Your prototype design is finished and proven, and goes into production in 6 months to be ready for the holiday shopping season.


Note: Since you have limited information in the above scenario, you may need to make assumptions to answer the questions below. If you do make assumptions, just include them in your answer.


1.      New Venture book, Chapter 1 - using exhibit 1.1 (page 5) identifies the differences between managers and leaders. For your new venture to be successful, what should be the % split for ____ % management vs. ____% leadership behaviors/practices and provide the reasoning (the why)?

2.       New Venture book, Chapter 2 - identify 3 elements or factors mentioned in this chapter that will be the most important to build your company and the globalization of your productProvide the reasoning (the why).
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