PSY 470 Week 6 Peer Review of Article

Severe Mental Disorders


Before beginning this assignment, your Collaborative Learning Group
should have selected an approved topic. If you have not completed this task, please
have one member of your team contact your instructor for approval; and do
so immediately.


Submit one of your article critiques from one of the past topics (Topic
3, 4, or 6) for your peer to review. If your past article critiques do not
align with the controversial topic that your CLC team has picked, you will need
to use the GCU library to select a new article to support your side of the
preapproved team debate.  


You will be using this article for your Topic 8 debate. Place this article
in the Peer Review Forum Activity (under tasks tabforumsPeer Review
Forum) for one of your peers to review.  Please be sure to submit the
article with the link, along with your review to the assignment dropbox
(both the peer review worksheet and the article summary should be in one
document for submission).  Your article submission is due by the end topic


Review the summary article of the person who posted his/her
response directly below yours in the Peer Review Forum
Activity. If your article summary is the last posted, review the first draft
posted at the top of the thread. Then, complete the "Peer Review
Worksheet” (attached in the assignment tab). You will then need to post your
completed Peer Review Worksheet to TWO places: post to
the Topic 6 Peer Review Forum Activity for your peer to view, as well as to the
Topic 6 Peer Review of Article assignment drop box, so the instructor can grade
your work. Remember: both your peer review worksheet and your
article review summary should be combined into one document for submission.


When responding to your peer, attach the completed Peer Review Worksheet to
the Peer Review Forum Activity as a "reply" to their initial post. Do
not post your article summary or worksheet as an attachment.


Your Peer Review worksheet is due by the end of Topic 7.

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