MGT 330 Week 1 - Summary

  I learned many things this week, and like most of the previous classes that I have been in I learned just as much from my classmates in the weekly discussions as I did from the text, and the instructor. The key takeaway that I got from this weeks class was the importance of the four functions of management, and the importance that the functions play in an organizations success. The discussion I found most informative was the one that the class had about which functions is the most important because of the many different opinions that the class had on this subject. I felt the leadership role was the most important because an organization would not be successful with out highly trained, and motivated people. Other people in class made strong cases for functions like organization because they felt that a company had little chance for success, if there was not a good plan in place that could be executed with ease. Overall it was a good week of discussion, and I am looking forward to week 2.
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