The fundamental goal of spirituality is to align your spirit with God and the universe (if you believe the two to be different). Alignment enlightens you to your gift, the world around you and your place in it. This epiphany opens doors for you if you are able to leverage it through proper techniques. David used his spiritual alignment as well as his strategy to beat a Giant. Yeshua used his spiritual alignment for many things, but on earth he used it to heal and free people. Today, it is still possible to be spiritually aligned to find your anointing and use it for good.

Strategy is key in reaching others with your gift that discovered through spiritual alignment. You can turn your anointing into a recognized brand by meeting these 3 strategic qualities, know your gift, know how to use it, and use it to help other people. If you meet all three qualities you won't have to worry about reaching people through push marketing tactics, people will reach out to you. David was spiritually aligned. He knew his gift, how to use his gift and he used it to beat a Giant ergo freeing the Israelites from succumbing to slavery. As a result he and his gift opened doors for him and he was well recognized.

I wrote this book to help people understand the benefits of spiritual alignment and to lead you to success once you realize how to use it. I learned of my gift through the writing process of Dr3am: The Spiritual Pathway to Success. I recommend it for anyone who desires to be one with God and the universe and for those who desire to use their gift to touch and heal the world.

-Ashley Guillard, Author, Business Strategy Journal: A Step by Step Guide to A Successful Business Plan & Strategy, and Dr3am: The Spiritual Pathway to Success. www.liveinfantasyland.com.
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