MGT 521 Week 1 DQ 4

In a classroom and your job professionalism should always be first no exceptions because at the end of the day you are not around your family or your children.  When you are presenting an effective argument you are also teaching whether  you want to see that or not so at all times containing yourself and arguing both sides is important to make an effective argument and get wonderful feedback as well.  Now in your daily life you still want to be respectable and at times professional depending on your audience.  Family is going to be a little more laid back but even then it can be hairy but you still are teaching and learning so presenting an effective argument can be hard at some points and easier at others.  In the end when presenting an effective argument one should be fair ensuring that both sides are taken into account and understanding has been reached.  Supporting evidence is key to making an effective argument whether on a professional or personal level and yes I would use various types because sometimes people need a little more persuasion than you think to take what you are saying seriously.  
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