ionTravel - UI kit for ionic travel app

Traveling is everyone's passion. When you come to a city, the Travel app can help you to find nearby places, book a taxi, find a shop.... You can also send message to nearby people who lives in this city. With this theme, it's easy to make an app for everyone.If you have any payment problem or cannot pay via paypal, please contact me:[email protected]

  1. Login

  2. Sigup

  3. Home

  4. Information

  5. Ticket booking

  6. Nearby

  7. Weather

  8. Photos

  9. People

  10. Taxi

  11. Shopping

  12. Currency

Download the zip file containing the entire demo app and unzip Go inside the extracted folder
Run $ npm install
Run $ bower install
Try: $ ionic serve
The browser should automatically open the app
Change primary color by replace the color in line 19
$balanced: #00E777 !default;


  1. angular-nl2br

  2. weather-icons font

  3. ionnic-gallery

  4. google-maps api

  5. monospaced.elastic

Test before you buy
You can test the app using Ionic View (ID: c135d8a8) (Please note that when testing on Ionic View some Cordova plugins will not work) Download it here
If you need technical support or have any questions, please send me a message via:[email protected]
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