Gym Pro (legacy) - Application Key

This is the key to unlock the full version of Gym Pro (legacy version). 

**** This legacy version is no longer supported. Please download the latest version, Gym Pro II, here: 

If you prefer the legacy version, it can be downloaded here:

Introducing Gym Pro, the automatic timer and exercise repetition tracker from the makers of Blackjack and Slots! The app senses movements and tracks reps, sets, active/rest times and workout efficiencies to help you train smarter.


- Tracks reps and sets automatically based on movement
- Monitors total active time, rest time and total session time
- Configurable rest timer with expiry alarm
- Forgiving for accidental movements
- Measures workout efficiency
- Convenient pause function for weight changes
- Displays current time, heart rate and training effect
- Records the activity to Garmin Connect
How to use Gym Pro:

- The app tracks general back-and-forth motions. Use a full, slow and deliberate extension. Quick or uneven movements may not be recognized.

- Active timers automatically run when a repetition is detected.

- The rest timer automatically kicks in after about four seconds of no movement. The previous rep count will flash when resting.

- The rest timer counts down and vibrates (if available on device) when expired.

- To avoid capturing incorrect movements, rest timers continue through 1 or 2 repetitions, and sets are only counted after four reps.

- Start or stop recording of the strength training activity in the Menu.

- Use the Pause function (start/stop button or touch) when changing weights, walking around between sets, etc.

- Use the Next page (down button/swipe) to reset the counters and start the next exercise. This will record "laps" in Garmin Connect.