Epic Medieval Music - Guinevere And Lancelot With Andrew Haym (feat. Alessandra Paonessa)

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Lyrics :

~ Far beyond our world, the darkness ~
~ A light shines, That lives in my heart... ~

~ And I can feel you here, so vividly ~
~ You'll always live, in my memory.. ~

~ Just like the sun in a golden sky ~
~ Or the moonlight amidst the first snow ~
~ You forever will be with me ~
~ Forever in my memory.. ~

~ Aeterna Memoria.. ~

~ Your love, Surrounds me ~
~ In the stillness, I feel you here ~
~ No stream, no distance ~
~ Can break our love ~

~ You'll always live in my memory.. ~

~ In my memory... Aeterna Memoria.. ~

And I will always love you...


Album : ...
Song : Epic Medieval Music - Guinevere And Lancelot With Andrew Haym (feat. Alessandra Paonessa) (Vocal Version).
Year : 2016
© Music Copyright by Danny Rayel & Andrew Haym, Vocals and Lyrics By Alessandra Paonessa, All rights reserved.

For enquiries/licensing information please read : https://goo.gl/jTHKtu

Hello Everyone,

A long awaited work of me and Andrew Haym's " Guinevere And Lancelot " in an exclusive unique vocal version featuring lyrics and vocal lines by the talented and amazing opera singer Alessandra Paonessa. Andrew and I had an idea of implementing another version of our piece " Guinevere And Lancelot ", We thought that a voice will be perfect to add a new flavour to the epic sequence that we already had, This is where we have invited Alessandra to join us. With her unique opera high register voice she gave the piece an extreme push to the epic medieval opera sound that we were imagining and looking forward to.

Hope you will enjoy our new creation and I wish a great morning / evening / night. I will see you all very soon :)

Visual effects created by me.

Image : goo.gl/NoEr8o

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© All audio material is copyrighted by Danny Rayel.
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