BUS415 W 5 IA Final Examination

determine later cases

B. using constitutional law to render a decision

C. making sure to do adequate research before making a legal decision

D. staring at the facts of a case for a long time to make sure the correct decision is made.


2) Barry owns a small software development firm. Barry has an employee who needs special accommodations in order to be able to perform the functions of his job. These accommodations would cost $10,000; an amount Barry believes is more than he should have to spend. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that an employer is required to make “reasonable accommodations” for an employee with a disability, but does not define what constitutes a “reasonable accommodation.” Assume that size of the employer (by some measure) determines the maximum amount that would be considered reasonable for a particular employer to spend. Under the principles of stare decisis, which of the following is true?
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