The Brain over Binge Workbook (Printable Version, PDF file)

This 67-page workbook is designed to help you better understand your binge urges and how to avoid acting on them. You’ll work on changing your perspective when the urges arise, so that you can find your own power to resist them. The workbook contains a review of important concepts from Brain over Binge, so that you can use the workbook whether or not you’ve read the book.

The workbook is divided into eight sections. The first section – Preparing to Quit Binge Eating – will help you define your binges and their cause, and help you focus on the goal of recovery. Next, there will be one section for each of the 5 Steps to Quit Binge Eating - complete with written exercises to help you grasp new ideas as they apply to you. In the last two sections of the workbook – Maintaining Progress, and Troubleshooting – you will learn how to stay on track until your binge urges fade completely, and also how to deal with common problems such as a fear of quitting.

It’s important to keep your recovery as simple as possible. You should only use the pages that you feel will be helpful, and skip what doesn’t resonate with you. Work at a pace that you are comfortable with, remembering that your goal is to transform the way you think about and respond to your binge urges. You may have success resisting urges right away, or it may take some patience to work through and incorporate the concepts from this workbook into your life.

As you go through this workbook, it’s important to trust your own observations, discoveries, and intuition; and build upon what works for you. Brain over Binge was my personal story of recovery, and this workbook can help you create your own path to freedom from binge eating.

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