MTH 216 Week 5 Study Plan for Final Examination

MTH 216 Week 5 Study Plan for Final Examination

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 MTH 216 Week 5 Study Plan for Final Examination


1.C Sets and Venn Diagrams




Use Venn diagrams with three sets.





4.A Taking Control of Your Finances





Calculate net cash flow.


Analyze spending patterns and options.


Solve application problems involving expenses.





4.B The Power of Compounding





Calculate simple and compound interest.


Find the annual percentage yield (APY).


Calculate continuous compound interest.





4.C Savings Plans and Investments





Decide if a statement involving savings plans and investments makes sense.


Calculate and interpret balances using the savings plan formula.


Calculate total and annual returns.





4.D Loan Payments, Credit Cards, and Mortgages





Calculate loan payments, total payments, and total interest and principal.


Analyze credit card debt.


Analyze loan options, mortgage options, and closing costs.





4.E Income Taxes





Calculate gross income, adjusted gross income, and taxable income.


Compute FICA taxes and total tax bills.


Calculate tax credits and deductions.


Determine whether renting or buying is cheaper.





6.B Measures of Variation





Find the standard deviation and five-number summary for a data set.





7.B Combining Probabilities





Solve probability problems.


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