BSS Dashboard EA®

The BSS Dashboard EA builds on the success of the popular Beast Super Signal indicator, and is now fully automated. It use the same internal strategies, but in a simple easy to follow dashboard layout. Instead of having to load the Beast Super Signal indicator on a single chart each time, the BSS Dashboard EA will show all the pairs on a single chart, scanning for possible signals, and trade them on full auto.

As soon as all the internal strategies align, and confirm a valid signal, it will display on the dashboard as valid, and the EA will open the order and manage it.

There are multiple money management options to select, such as fixed lot size, % of account, and fixed $ amount. There also take profit, and stop loss options such as trailing stop, and set risk/reward ratio options available.

There is a time filter option for the EA to only trade during specific times of day or sessions.

There is a news filter using the Forex Factory calendar which can be used to filter out any pairs that might be affected by major news releases. The news filter is fully customizable for which news to be filtered out (Low, Medium, High Impact) and the time that it is to be filtered.

We have also added an additional optional S&R filter to only display signals that are on strong S&R levels. You can select which S&R levels you want to use, and the distance between the signal, and the S&R level. This is a great addition to show only strong high probability valid signals.

To recap on the internal strategies, the BSS Dashboard EA combines 5 powerful strategies including, Support & Resistance, Overbought & Oversold Zones, Trend Analysis, and Price Action.

The BSS Dashboard EA can be used on any currency, indices, and commodities.

Best results are trading on H4/D1. Scalping on lower time frames (M1, M5, M15, etc.) implies higher risk as lower time frames are more volatile, and less accurate, and major trends tend to respect higher time frames more. Trading on lower time frames or scalping is not recommended.

If you don't have PayPal to purchase online, please contact us for alternative payment options. Thank you.
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