EXTREME#004 "A Woman Cuts Her Hair because of Husband's Request (Part.2)"

A Woman is ready to realize her husband's request again...

After 3 months she's growing her hair from pixiecut on previous video

She came to our studio with her husband
She told us that her husband asked her to cut her hair again
In this time, he wanted to see his wife cut hair extreme short but didn't tell how short it is
She sat in the chair without cape
She asked hairstylist to cut it shorter until her husband ask to stop
Hairstylist took clipper and gave her short pixie with mushroom bangs and pompadour hairstyle
After second haircut,
She look into her husband's eyes, she think it's not enough short
She wants to cry but she wants to continue it
So she asked hairstylist again to cut it into extreme short
Hairstylist took clipper and gave her buzzed hair
Her husband still didn't ask to stop yet, hairstylist continue it and gave her military haircut
After fourth haircut,
Her husband asked to stop and he looks his wife's hair with happiness face..

This video produced by Nahru Production

Video length: 89 min
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